Optimize your heath and well-being with Optimal UV

Optimal UV products have 10 optimal features:

  • Optimal Durability - sturdy aluminum housing
  • Optimal Bulb Life - using LED technology
  • Optimal Safety - no dangerous gas-filled bulbs to break and no ozone gas emissions
  • Optimal Health - with proper usage and UVC dosage - will kill most viruses and bacteria
  • Optimal Quality - designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Optimal Coverage - 2 units using 4 wide-angle LED lights will effectively dose a standard-sized refrigerator shelf with UVC
  • Optimal Versatility - can work in your refrigerator, car, closet, or disinfection box
  • Optimal Performance - Very effective using high-powered UVC LED lights
  • Optimal Truth - This product really works where-as there are many products making false claims on the market
  • Optimal Value - High quality UVC solution for an affordable price

  • The Optimal UV Team

    The Optimal UV Team has more than 10 years of experience in the design and engineering of unique concepts to help with every day applications. Their focus is on creating products that are durable, functional, and effective.